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About Us

I'll be honest with you. We don't have a tear-jerking inspirational story about why or how Freedom Wax Works came into being. We are simply a small, family owned business that found a way to combine some of our favorite things: love for our country and what it stands for (that's the freedom part) and candles (that would be the wax works).

Why put them together, you ask?

First, scent is a powerful memory trigger that can transport you to another place in time. Second, scent stimulates the imagination and can help make a place you’ve never been or an experience you’ve never had more realistic. We have creatively curated a variety of scents that fragrantly recall—either through nostalgia or your imagination—the iconic people, places, things, and events that make up the American experience.

Also, if you’re anything like us, we don't just choose candles for their smell, but also their ability to enhance our decor. So, we designed our candles with a look that you’ll love as much as the story behind it.

We hope you’ll join us in keeping Freedom’s flame lit.

Freedom Wax Works